Monday, 27 February 2012

Darren Bent is injured

It's that time of year when clubs depend heavily on their top players and those top players start getting injured.  Darren Bent was rolling around in pain on Saturday after he made his ankle go the wrong way.

Bent's ankle injury could see him miss three months of action and this will probably end Aston Villa's title hopes this year.  They were so close too.  If by close you mean 'the most boring fucking team of all time'.  The day that Aston Villa win the league is the day that Lego men rise and take control of the earth, and that's why I've been amassing an army of them in my house and had them worshipping me like in North Korea so that when that day happens, I'm ahead of the game.  Lego men don't get ruptured ligaments, humans do.  Actually now I think about it, robots don't get ruptured ligaments either and they are much more likely to rise and murder us all.  I really haven't thought this through enough yet.