Friday, 3 February 2012

Danny Dyer is excited

Tomorrow Danny Dyer's wet-dream will come true. It's West Ham Utd at home to Millwall and it's gonna be a right old-fashioned tear-up!

The last time these two met at Upton Park, it was in the Carling Cup back in 2009. West Ham won in extra time and the whole place went mental. Not mental in a good way. Fans were kicking the shit out of each other all around the place and one man was even stabbed.

Police say they have done and will do everything in their power to make sure there is no repeat of the trouble that marred the last game. Pubs are not opening until 4pm around the ground, the game kicks off at 12.30 so that should make a difference. Apart from the fact that these animals run on pure hatred and testosterone as opposed to alcohol. Plus, it's pretty easy to sneak a bottle of vodka passed any security, or so I've heard. 

"Green Street Hooligans" was a film about the rivalry between West Ham and Millwall's hooligans. They decided the best person to play the lead character was fucking Frodo Baggins. That was never going to work. Danny Dyer starred in "The Football Factory" around the same time which was exactly the same but with Chelsea hooligans fighting with Millwall. Neither of them glamourised football violence in anyway. Honestly. 

Danny Dyer is actually a West Ham fan in the real world. He's already practicing his swagger and hard man face in the mirror  for tomorrow. In the "The Football Factory", I'm pretty sure the Millwall firm were called "the Bushwackers". That sounds more like a bunch of Australian guys who go into the outback to beat each other off,  than a group of men who spend their weekends punching other men in the face. Change your name you pussies. What are you going to do? Stab me over the internet? Grow up you mugs.