Monday, 13 February 2012

Carlos Tevez was treated like a dog

Carlos Tevez and Roberto Mancini are best friends which is why they hate each other so much.  Wait.  I don't get this

In a very revealing interview with some Spanish language TV show on Fox, Tevez talked about that famous Bayern incident where he's still adamant that he never refused to play, how he almost started punching Mancini in the face one day, and some other stuff about how he wants to play again.  From MirrorFootball:
"I want to go back to Manchester and win over the City fans back," he said.
"I didn't understand City fans burning my shirt. It hurt. It's normal they react like that because they read all sorts of things."
"I've decided to return to City. I know I have what it takes to revert the situation. I know it'll be hard, but it's a nice challenge."
Mancini has said that he just wants Tevez to apologise for making everyone look bad at Man City and the Argentinian doesn't seem to want to do this because that would involve being an adult.
"Mancini's position got stronger when Kun Aguero arrived. I don't know if he would have done the things he did if this was last season.
"Last season we almost exchanged punches! But he never said anything. He got a better team this season and felt like making the decision.
"I was very upset by everything and maybe I wasn't seeing things clearly. That Bayern episode could have been avoided.
"They could have kicked me out of the club without saying all the things they said. They could have dealt with the situation in a different way.
So Tevez sort of goes on about how he's ready to play again now and that this whole thing was a big mis-understanding.  It's kind of convenient that now that no other club can afford to nor wants to sign him he's had this revelation and announced it to the media but I guess the universe works in mysterious ways.

I also like the idea of Mancini throwing a stick for Carlos Tevez to fetch, because Carlos does look like he'd be equally as functional on four legs as he does two.  If anything he'd probably be better at hunting.  I don't know what I'd do if Carlos Tevez came bounding towards me with a stick in his mouth, so I practised it with my own dog but he refused to play the game and so I've fined him 8 weeks wages and put him in the skip outside.  I won't take those shenanigans from anyone.