Friday, 24 February 2012

Carlos Tevez says sorry

I think we missed this one a little bit but Carlos Tevez actually apologised the other day for all his recent behaviour.  He definitely means it and in no way wants to hang out with his friends, like when you have to apologise to your sister for hitting her so that you're allowed to watch Thunderbirds.

The apology clears the way for Roberto Mancini to finally play the troubled Argentinian in Man City's remaining fixtures, which is probably a good idea seeing as Manchester United normally start trying at this time of year.  The Italian manager actually called Tevez to his house and explained that by simply apologising to the club, fans and players he would be accepted back in the family and wouldn't have to live in the shed anymore.

Carlos is said to have had mixed feelings about this because he'd been eating a creature he found there for a little while now and wanted to finish it off before it went bad, but also thought that playing football might be a good idea.  "You can buy many more creatures to eat with money later, Carlos" explained his manager, and so that probably explains why I saw Tevez chasing Theo Walcott towards the sea earlier.

Look, it's friday night and I'm typing this stuff up, you can't expect Shakespeare every time.