Sunday, 19 February 2012

Brighton 4-3 Liverpool

Liverpool just beat Brighton 6-1 but Brighton somehow managed to score three own goals. The FA Cup is shit.

Before the game we were treated to the usual 'Suarez is a terrible human being chat', with John Barnes under the impression that he was involved in some kind of rap battle so started spitting lyrics about how all the big clubs support their best players in such matters. Kevin Keegan and Ray Stubbs just looked really confused. Clearly too middle-class to be able to battle back, they put Barnes through to the next round where he meets Lee Dixon.

The game itself was pretty poor. Brighton are a Championship team and the difference was clear for all to see - Liverpool started Gerrard, Suarez and Carroll together for the first time and this was repeated and emphasised by the TV people until we believed that it was a really important event. To give you an indication of how easy this game was for Liverpool, Downing got an assist and Carroll got "man of the match". Oh, and Suarez missed a penalty after Daglish said he had to take it, which was funny.

Playing at Anfield for a team like Brighton is be hard at the best of times, so to make things harder for themselves, their keeper decided to be really, really awful. I've never seen him play before so maybe he's always like that but he looked genuinely terrified of the ball. Brighton's back four were torn apart time after time and when it became apparent they weren't going to win the game, they decided it would be funny to start scoring own goals. Birdcutt managed to score two but missed out on the hattrick whilst Dunk got one.

This was the last FA Cup game of the weekend and thank goodness. Cup weekends are dreadul. "Oh it's so romantic, look at little Stevenage getting a 0-0 at home to Spurs!". It's about as romantic as taking your gilfriend to see Adam Sandler's Jack and Jill movie, followed by a drive through KFC Bargain Bucket and a shag round by the recycling bins. (editing note - I actually really like the FA cup :-( )

I forgot about the streaker! He had a tiny penis.