Friday, 3 February 2012

AVB is scared of Jose Mourinho

AVB is already having to deal with almost daily rumours that Jose Mourinho is set to return to Chelsea and show him how it's done.  His response so far has been "FUCK OFF MOURINHO I HATE YOOOOU"

The current Chelsea manager has told reporters that no-one is taking his job any time soon, responding to questions about Jose Mourinho's potential return to England this summer.
"A manager of Jose's dimension - and the number one in the world - will always be an attractive target for every club, who'll capture the interests of Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Arsenal and so on.
"In one sense we are all under pressure; from Roberto Mancini to Sir Alex Ferguson to me, to Kenny Dalglish to Harry Redknapp. (BBC Sport)
I guess he could always work as Jose's number two again since that worked quite well at Porto.  He'd like that.  It would also be good business for Roman Abramovich, seeing as it only cost £25million to hire him in the first place.   I'd like to say this whole thing is just nonsense but going by the Russian tycoon's past managerial antics the only thing less likely to happen if AVB doesn't win the Champions League would be if Abramovich himself decides to have a go.  "How difficult can it be?" he was heard saying, "if a clown can run McDonalds, surely I, the greatest Russian in the world, can be a great football manager.  Why is this fat person in the team?  I don't care if his Mum died, no fatties", because he's a real dick like that.