Wednesday, 22 February 2012

AVB hates Chelsea

AVB probably isn't the most loved man around Chelsea just now. He maintains that all his decisions are for the good of the club and he's trying to take them in the right direction. If the rumour in the Sun is true, then he is definitely lying. Or the direction he is taking them is straight down the shitter.

I chose this picture because it looks like he is laughing at the demise of Chelsea Football Club. In the Sun today, they claim that AVB is ready to make a bid for Theo Walcott this summer, which would see Daniel Sturridge going the opposite way. This surely can't be true? Sturridge is younger and already better than Walcott. It's like trading your laptop for a "Bop It". Or a black lab puppy for a stray dog that has one eye, is covered in fleas and reeks of piss but can run really, really fast.

After dropping Ashley Cole against Napoli, it wouldn't surprise me if AVB actually did this. Perhaps he's pissed off with the fact that he knows everyone wants Mourinho back. I'd love it if he sold Cech, Cole, Mata and Drogba and replaced them with Rory Delap, John Parkin, any goalkeeper from women's football and Fernando Torres. Wait. No it's fine, that works.

Jose Mourinho will probably end up back at Chelsea this summer. He better start working on that time machine. How else will he be able to continue playing Terry, Lampard and Drogba every week? While he's at it, he could go back to a time where Peter Cech wasn't a complete donkey, running around the pitch in a gimp mask.