Monday, 27 February 2012

Arshavin leaves Arsenal to save his international career

Remember when Andrei Arshavin was good? He was probably one of my favourite players for about 18 months but then he left Arsenal to join Zenit on loan for the rest of the season to make sure he is ready for 2012. He could have just actually tried for Arsenal but effort is hard.

Wenger did a strange thing with Arshavin. He had one of the best number 10s in world football and continually forced him to play out wide; some players wouldn't be that bothered and would just be delighted to play but Arshavin sulked and got fat.

Andrei found himself behind Gervinho, who has a very strange shaped head and plays like a drunken octopus, and Walcott who is just a bit rubbish. Perhaps that's unfair, but if he has to think about anything he confuses his own brain and ends up tackling himself.  I suppose his finishing can be good. Chamberlain has also come through and looked superb in the short time we've seen him and this has left Asrhavin on the bench, eating and sulking his way out of contention.

Arshavin is from Zenit and they were the only club who actually wanted to sign him, so things worked out perfectly. I fully expect him to be amazing and absolutely rip up Euro 2012, leading to thousands of gooners shouting at their televisions in unison, "why couldn't he do that for us?".  Don't worry - you beat Spurs, all your troubles are over.  If you believe Wenger, that is.  He knows.  Arsenal haven't lost all season remember.