Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Arsene Wenger might be King of France. Or manager

Arsene Wenger is starting to be linked with the France manager's position and now some of his national compatriots have begun to express their approval of this potential move.

The owl man hasn't really made any indications that he plans to leave Arsenal at the end of the season so this is largely just nonsense, but I guess being asked to manage your country must be quite tempting.  Wenger would not only become the manager of the football team, but he'd also inherit the French army and turn it into an army, as opposed to a platoon of cheese eating surrender monkeys.

Through careful and rigorous scouting of France, he would find the best troops available and groom them until the time is just right to go to war, right before the moment they swap to the Barcelona army, since they have more chance of winning stuff there.  Can you imagine Lillian Thuram in a war?  He'd be like the black Ltn Winters in Band of Brothers, powering his way through legions of men, but accompanied by funk music and gratuitous sexual scenes with sassy, slutty hot girls who are in charge of the medical parts or something, instead of all that 'emotion' they put in the actual series.

Can someone hurry up and make that please?  That's the World War II that I want to see.