Friday, 3 February 2012

Arsenal fans are rubbish

Arsenal fans are going to show that they are jolly well not happy with how things are going at the Emirates stadium, by covering the empty seats with black bin bags. This will highlight all the empty seats and prove to Wenger, that they are massive twats.

The Arsenal fans are not very happy at the moment. They haven't won anything since 235BC and it would seem that they slowly losing faith in Wenger. One supporters' group are using Twitter and Facebook to try and organise their fellow supporters to highlight the falling attendances, that are a result of their league position. They are seventh. I know because I checked.

See. Newcastle and even Liverpool are ahead of them. Before you get too upset, I know not all Arsenal fans feel the same way but writing about the sensible ones would be boring. The problem is you were spoiled. You had an amazing team, you won lots of trophies and played brilliant football. Now you don't really do anything. "Where Has Our Arsenal Gone?", is the name of the group. They sound like awful cunts. They are really unhappy with no players coming in and the cost of season tickets blah blah blah. Remember you are still in the Champions League and you could still finish fourth this season. You could support someone like Blackburn, imagine that?

To put things into perspective, I support Aberdeen. We last won a trophy in 1995. I even had a season ticket for the year when our alcoholic manager was too pissed to even make it to the games. Unsurprisingly, being managed by Father Jack didn't turn out too well and we finished second bottom. Think about that next time you watch Robin Van Persie score a hattrick, whilst your chanting "we want our money back".