Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ally McCoist thinks Rangers are fine

Ally McCoist insists that Rangers will come back a much stronger club and footballing side following their recent plummet into the depths of international laughing stock and administration.  We asked Jim White for a comment and he said:

Now that Celtic have won the league half-way through the season I guess the only thing left to watch in Scotland is who will have the chance to be knocked out of Europe next July when the first qualifying rounds of the Eurovision song contest are over.  McCoist says:
"Going into administration obviously wasn't ideal, but it's the opinion of many people that it might be the best thing for this football club.
"Everybody at this club wants the club to continue, which it will do, that's for sure. And this might just be the best way forward.
"So we have to adjust to what's happened, react to it and take the club forward and we aim to do that."
I agree that going into administration wasn't ideal for the club but I'm no financial expert like the guys in charge at Rangers.  I like the idea that now Rangers shouldn't be able to afford any, let alone any good players they might struggle to finish in the top three from now on but at the same time if Celtic continue to grow and grow everyone is buggered.

The best thing for everyone would be if Rangers get liquidated, forced into the non-leagues, all of the Huns in the SFA decide that maybe now is actually a good time to change the Scottish league layout twenty years after they should have, and then we have a functioning business model that might suit everyone.  That way Rangers can start under a new identity in the bottom tier and work their way up so that all the glory hunters in Scotland understand what it's like to actually support a football team and not a gang of minks.  Or, what will probably happen is the league will just keep making little exceptions here and there until Rangers are back and all powerful again.