Sunday, 12 February 2012

Alan Shearer is optimistic

Just before Spurs absolutely destroyed Newcastle at White Hart Lane on Saturday evening, Alan Shearer used his psychic abilities to predict that his home town club would qualify for the Champions League.

As a boy, Alan Shearer was my absolute football hero and as I've said before, the more he talks to the media as a pundit or spokesperson, the more I want someone to send him far, far away.  A lot of people think Newcastle fans are overly ambitious and I would disagree with this - any I have ever talked to have all actually been quite dismissive and hopeful - thankful just to enjoy the ride at the heights of the Premiership as opposed to the struggle to win it.

Alan Shearer on the other hand represents the very, very, very, very hopeful Geordie fan, whereupon the minute the team starts to threaten the top half of the table, suddenly they look like a real force and WATCH OUT EUROPE!
Top four? Well why not. They have got nothing to lose, have they? No one gave them a prayer of actually getting there and everyone thought they would fall away after that unbeaten start to the season.
"I would love to see them finishing in the top four and it would be great to have Champions League football back at St James’ Park. (
Actually, in that interview he kind of comes across quite well and is realistic about Newcastle's chances as opposed to assuming they would dominate.  I just wanted to write about Alan Shearer because I love him and all this racism stuff is getting me down.  Also, I misread the start of the other article and it's too late to back out now.  WOH! OMG what's that BEHIND YOU??!!  *footsteps running further and further away*