Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Alan Gow wants to move to Iran. Is clever

Rangers reject and incredibly below average footballer Alan Gow has decided to ignore government advice and the threat of kidnapping and death to play for a team in Iran.  *slow clap*

from dailyrecord.co.uk
The Foreign Office advises any British national to avoid Iran at all costs, unless travelling there is absolutely essential.  I'm struggling to think of anything essential enough to warrant going to somewhere that's due to begin World War 3 any time soon.  Oh no wait, football.  That was it.  Yes, Alan Gow, who has been playing in India for the last little while, recently flew over to Tehran to see what it was like and decided 'this is the place for me'.  He told The Sun:
"Doncaster contacted me too, and asked if I'd go down there on trial, but they haven't got back to me yet.
"I'd rather stay at home, but the financial problems in the Scottish game are well known, so it looks as though I'll be heading abroad again."
In fairness to Gow, there are worse cities to live in in the world than Tehran.  Like Dundee.  If I had a choice between being mugged, killed and kidnapped or having to live in a poor city somewhere in the arse hole of nowhere, I'd just leave Dundee because you shouldn't have to choose that.