Monday, 27 February 2012

AC Milan Vs Juventus: The Goal That Never Was

English football - best league in the world innit? No need to watch any other football. Meanwhile over in Italy AC Milan played host to Juventus. They won 2-1. Or did they? They didn't.

Sulley Muntari thought he'd scored a header. He definitely did score a header. The referee seemed to signal for a goal and point towards the centre circle and Muntari started celebrating because that is what you do when you score a goal. Unless your Temuri Ketsbaia, then you strip down to your pants and kick things. The only person in the galaxy who didn't think it had crossed the line was the linesman but unfortunately he is the only person who matters.

"It didn't go in. I'm certain", are the words of Roberto Romagnoli, a man who can probably no longer visit the city of Milan. In fairness to him, you can see from that photograph that he had a really poor view. Look at all those cows and skyscrapers blocking his line of sight.

There have never been any instances of corrupt officials in Italian football so I'm sure this is a genuine mistake. Juventus have a very good reputation and certainly have never been relegated for bribing officials. The game actually finished 1-1 so at least they cheated correctly and if Muntari's goal had not been disallowed, AC Milan would have been 2-0 up and probably won the game. If my Ma had a cock, she'd be my Da.

I think we've all learnt something today.