Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Abramovich had a chat with AVB

Roman Abramovich is currently in the middle of court case with some other billionaire over whose turn it is at Warhammer or something like that, but he gave that a break to watch Chelsea train the other day, and in doing so had an interesting chat with Andre Villas-Boas.

Just looking at him gives me the fear.  I get the impression that he definitely has a secret lair somewhere with a whole bunch of anonymous and generic staff protecting it until the day that he decides to take over the world.  Also, I'm positive that his office in Stamford Bridge should have a trap door in the floor so he can disperse of unwanted visitors.

Speaking of unwanted visitors, Andre Villas-Boas sat down with his chairman to discuss tactics before the Manchester United game at the weekend, which you may recall ended as a 3-3 draw.  The Russian tycoon is said to be behind the young manager's plans to reinvent Chelsea, and has even provided an evil chamber to extract the souls of old players to put in the bodies of promising youth players.  I think this is nice.  Then they went off and had a picnic, and then went to sea world.  Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

It looks innocent enough, but if you stare hard enough you can see the skeleton of Gianfranco Zola floating in the background.