Friday, 6 January 2012

Why do people still want Andy Johnson?

There are lots of things I don't understand in this world. The popularity of Florence and the Machine, David Cameron, smart phones, fucking magnets, how do they work? What baffles me most of all is the continual  rumours about clubs wanting to buy Andrew Johnson.

Yes that's Andy Johnson, wearing an England shirt. Fulham paid Everton about £10m for his services, the mind boggles. Anyhow, Fulham have rejected £2m from QPR for their shiny headless chicken. His contract expires at the end of this season and he is reluctant to sign a new deal. Martin Jol doesn't give a shit about losing money on him.
"What's the point for us – for Fulham, for my club – to sell a player for that sort of money?"

He is happy enough to let him go for free as he doesn't believe he could replace him for £2m,  I beg to differ. I just can't understand why clubs always want Andy Johnson. That ridiculous season for Crystal Palace where he scored 2,000 penalties is a long time ago. £10m is a lot of money, it's an incredibly large amount of money to spend on a player who's role is to run around with his eyes closed bumping into things.

If any of you at home fancy buying yourself an Andy Johnson, it's going to cost you at least £3-4m. He needs to be fed and watered twice a day and his head requires polishing every night.