Wednesday, 25 January 2012

West Ham bid £7m for Jelavic

It is reported that West Ham have offered £7m for Jelavic. Rangers are "playing it cool", which I find hard to believe. They are in so much debt, I imagine they creamed their pants the second they heard the phone ring.

Jelavic looks pretty good but we must always remember that he is playing in the SPL. There are always a few exceptions to the "SPL is shit LOL" rule. Henrik Larsson, Charlie Adam, Stephen Fletcher.......someone else but let's look at the strikers; Kris Boyd, Scott McDonald, Kenny Miller, Gary O'Connor, Derek Riordan,  Marco Negri all scored goals for fun at some point in their SPL careers but when they left the country, it was a bit harder. Defenders can actually run in other countries and even pass the ball, unbelievable I know. 

Nika Jelavic will leave Rangers, maybe not for the Hammers but for someone down South. Presumably for a Championship team and there he will swim in a sea of mediocrity. He might be good, he might be bad. It doesn't really matter, I'll still hate Rangers. Thanks for reading.