Friday, 6 January 2012

Wayne Rooney isn't leaving Man Utd you retards

A few hours ago (it's 11pm) some rumours started that Wayne Rooney is going to be sold by Manchester United because Alex Ferguson is annoyed with him for getting boozy on Boxing Day.  Then Rooney came out and denied it and SHIT GOT REAL!

(c) Scott Baxter
The Independent must have a pretty trustworthy source because they are running with this story on their front page tomorrow.  Oh my christ, can you even believe what's going on here?  The internet might actually ruin football at this rate.  Rooney got in trouble + Rooney got subbed because he was god-awful against Newcastle = Rooney is being sold.

The only thing that makes this story have any credibility at all is that The Independent are running it as a feature and that the club and player denied it before it was even a story.  The club says this (from The Guardian):

Manchester United and Wayne Rooney have been made aware of the theme of an article in tomorrow's Independent newspaper,"
"We have not seen the detail but can assure all United fans that the manager and the club are committed to Wayne Rooney and Wayne is committed to the manager and the club.
"The player and the manager have always had and retain, the utmost respect for each other and look forward to working together in the coming seasons. Any suggestion that Manchester United and Wayne Rooney are to part company is complete nonsense.
Rooney also took to his keyboard war horse and wrote stuff like "that isn't true, I'm going nowhere" and then later "good place to buy smarties in manchster?", "naked lady boobs" and "wher does kernel sanders live" because he hasn't quite figured out the difference between twitter and google yet.