Monday, 2 January 2012

Wayne Rooney is fined

Wayne Rooney has started the new year in the best possible style by being fined £200,000 by his boss, Sir Alex Ferguson, for being in an "unfit state to train", which is the scientific way of saying "hungover".
Rooney went for a meal with his wife on Boxing Day and invited fellow players Darron Gibson and Johnny Evans.  Rooney denies that he was too pissed to train the next day, but there's nothing in any of the stories I've read to suggest that Evans and Gibson weren't absolutely skull fucked following the previous evening's antics.  SAF was delighted with them and invited them all for a nice private training session on their day off as a reward for completing the game of drinking, joining myself on the podium at some point around 6pm on Boxing Day.

At this point in his career, Rooney cannot be arsed with any more tabloid rumours of "rifts" between him and Ferguson he's just accepted the charge.  Because it's only £200,000 after all and there are much important things in life like uhhh £300,000?  I really think I would swap most things for £200,000 right now.  I'd probably be a bit annoyed if I got fined that much.