Sunday, 29 January 2012

Walter Smith concerned about Rangers

Rangers have no money left because in the 80s they cheated and bought heaps of people they couldn't afford, ruined Scottish football and now no-one watches it, thus they can't make any money.  I think it's great.

from footballisfootball
Walter Smith is very concerned for Rangers and fears that they may go back to not winning the league every single year if their finances continue in the same way.  Their only really good player wants to leave immediately and because I'd rather watch a giraffe being kicked to death than any SPL match outside of ones I'm obliged to be at, there isn't an awful lot of good news coming his way.
"I felt they needed four or five new players at playing level, not squad level, to bolster the team.
"There hasn't been that major investment and it starts to become (impossible).
"With injuries to Steven Whittaker, Kyle Lafferty and Steven Naismith especially, there are no adequate replacements and the team suffers.
"Not getting the amount or the standard of players in is beginning to tell. There's still an opportunity to get players in, but it looks like they're not going to be able to spend a lot of money." (BBC)
I actually met Walter Smith once and to my pleasure he was actually very nice.  To put this into context, if before I met him someone had told me that the entire Rangers squad and all their supporters had been banished to a torture chamber for all eternity and the stadium had collapsed into a hole in the ground, I would have been delighted.  If you told me now I'd think, 'That's a shame about Walter Smith'.