Thursday, 26 January 2012

Uefa warns clubs about money stuff

Uefa is trying to combat billionaire owners coming in and buying anything they want in football land by limiting the amount a club is allowed to lose over a three year period and other things I don't really understand.

I really cannot be arsed explaining all the rules these clubs have to meet because first of all I'm not an accountant, and secondly, like I've already said, I don't particularly understand them.  The minute I see an article with quotes from financial types I just start thinking about dinosaurs or tits.  Basically, clubs aren't allowed to lose more than £37.5million over a two year period, yet most clubs are still WAAAAY over so somehow they have to fix this if they are going to meet the cut off point.  Which is soon, I guess?  Tomorrow?

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy this video of some people singing on the metro in paris.  I can't even feign interest in this story anymore.