Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Szczesny is hard to spell / not allowed to have fun

Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny, who will hereby be referred to as either Chesney or WS from now on, went out to a nightclub just hours after his club's defeat against Fulham.  ZOMG

image from our friends at Metro
The Polish man ballsed up a cross during the match, resulting in a goal for Martin Jol's side but since footballers aren't allowed to have fun and don't have human rights like in any other career, now he is getting all sorts of gyp (pronounced jip) for going out.  Jack Wilshere was his partner in crime, urging the shot-stopper out on the piss despite his earlier apologies on Twitter:
Poor result for us, poor goalkeeping by me for the 1st goal, poor day all around! Let's move on and win the next one!’
As we all know by now, footballers don't actually exist in the same real life as you and I, and are actually only supposed to go to training, be in transfer rumours and then play matches on the TV.  When they go to nightclubs they are breaking character and it confuses all those people that don't have jobs and who inexplicably seem to be hanging outside their local stadium whenever Sky Sports show up.  Those are the people the papers should be reporting about going to nightclubs.  I don't want to go somewhere where poor people might be, someone needs to help me out more with that.  Maybe we should segregate them on the bus or something.  Do they still have buses?