Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Steve Mclaren might have a new job

Steve Mclaren did such a good job at Nottingham Forest recently that they fired him and the team went on a 10 hour goal drought.  Don't worry too much though, he's probably going to work for FC Twente again.

Since Mclaren speaks such perfect Dutch-lish, he will immediately fit back in to the layout of the Eredivisie side, which he has previously brilliantly led to league success.  There are reports that the club want to fire current manager 'johnny something' and replace him with their previous employee as Twente find themselves sitting in third position.  And who better to replace someone who has kept the team fighting at the top of the league than someone who would probably phone the fire service if his head got stuck in a biscuit tin.  And I can assure you that they don't appreciate that.  Apparently the thing just lifts straight off.  But if it's so dark how am I supposed to know that