Thursday, 12 January 2012

Spurs are going to win the league (they're not)

Spurs are joint second, how did that happen? It certainly does help that teams don't believe in defending anymore but if you look at the Spurs starting XI, it's actually really good. Their good form continued tonight with a routine 2-0 win over a typically mediocre first-half-of-the-season-but-we-are-actually-passed-the-half-way-point-Everton. They could even win the league but they won't.
Tottenham Hotsperms are only 3 points behind Man City and level with Manchester United (although behind on goal difference). Unfortunately unless you are a real fan and went to the game or watched it illegally, you would not have been able to see this game. Like me you would have been forced to watch the tedious affair of Man City Vs Liverpool with that insufferable bell-end Mark Lawrenson. Why is he still employed? He's ugly, he has terrible facial hair, he offers no insight whatsoever, he is the dullest and most depressing man alive, he tries to make jokes all the time but is so incredibly unfunny he makes me want to throw my remote through the television screen. If he had been teamed up with Motson or the guy from Robot Wars, there is no way my television would have survived the 90minutes.

Luckily, thanks to the internet we can watch the highlights a mere matter of minutes after the games finish. Lennon scored a pretty tidy goal cutting in from the right hand side and trickling one in with his left foot. Ekotto scored a goal from about 30yards out, which on first viewing looks amazing but on the replay clearly took a deflection off Cahill's massive arse. It sent the ball spinning and swerving into the far corner and out of Howard's grasp. You can't get too excited about a deflected goal, no matter how far out or how hard he hit the ball. It's just the rules I'm afraid.

Spurs still have to play Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea all away from home so if they are going to win the league, they are going to do it the hard (right) way. I'm in a predicament because I really like the Spurs' team (except Adebayor - he's a dick) and I love the way they play football but I really don't like Harry Redknapp. The thought of his melted face kissing the trophy makes me feel sick to my stomach and then there's Joe Jordan as well. Here's a photograph to make me feel better.