Monday, 23 January 2012

Russian tycoon buys Reading. Football club, not town

I'm not sure if Reading is a city or a town but either way their football club has been bought by a Russian tycoon's private investment company and now they are (sort-of) rich beyond their mid afternoon nap-dreams.

Current chairman John Madejski says the move is a great one because not only does it guarantee stability for the club longterm, it also gives them some money to spend on players.  Anton Zingarevich is the man behind the takeover and he used to study at Reading University, which is probably why he'd heard of it before.  I guess now is the time for everyone to buy into football before UEFA ruins all the fun with their Financial Fair Play ruling so if ever there were a time for Darren Mackie to be worth £8million, this is it.  The sad thing is that amount of money for Darren Mackie is as ridiculous as paying £800million for Paul Scholes right now.