Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ronaldo really doesn't like other people scoring

I wrote a very similar article before about Cristiano Ronaldo before but the difference is this time he has actually pissed off the Madrid media and the fans. Does he care? Probably not.


La Liga is back after the winter break and Real celebrated by hammering Granada 5-1. Despite this Ronaldo didn't play particularly well and he only scored right at the end. He should probably be sold in the January window. Barcelona are like kryptonite to Ronaldo and the fans still haven't forgotten how piss-poor he was in the last game against them.

After watching Higuain and Benzema take the plaudits for their goals and performances, you could see him starting to sulk. Fans even whistled and booed him when he refused to celebrate his own goal. I don't mean he scored an own goal, you definitely shouldn't celebrate those.  The official response was that he wasn't happy with how he played. I don't really see the big deal, Real Madrid and Barcelona win pretty much every game, it must be boring as fuck. "Yay let's celebrate another 5-0 win! Wooooo!" Ronaldo knows this, he is just having a "who can score more" competition with Messi. Everyone knows Barcelona are the better team so he might as well just shoot all the time and try and score as many goals as possible. They would still win, even if he never passed a football ever again.

Most people hate Ronaldo, I don't get it. Just look at the photograph I posted, how could anyone hate that? My girlfriend just reminded me that he has a son. What the actual fuck was that all about? The identity of the mother has remained a secret, some sources say it was a British student and others an American waitress. According to the Mirror, Ronaldo seduced an American waitress with the chat-up line- "me, you, fuck-fuck". He loves himself so much that he paid a surrogate mother to have a baby boy so he could call him Cristiano and carry him around in matching clothes. Legend.