Friday, 13 January 2012

Ronaldo hates Real Madrid fans

Remember when Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn't shut up about moving to Real Madrid and then he actually did finally move?  Yeh well now he hates it.

The world's second best player didn't bother celebrating his goal against Granada the other day, as we've previously mentioned, and the Madrid fans are starting to get on his tits.  Despite having scored 1000% of Real's goals this year, they seem to blame him for the defeat against Barcelona which is obviously far more important than sitting at the top of the league.  In a way, I guess it is because the only point of La Liga is to watch El Classico - the rest of the games are completely irrelevant because it's essentially a more expensive SPL.  Can you imagine watching a Spanish league without either of those two teams?  Exactly.

Regardless, Ronaldo doesn't always look entirely happy at times at the Bernabeu and people have started making noises about how much longer he will stay at the club.  Mourinho said this:
"I think it is more relevant that he celebrates the goals that win games and not the fifth goal in the 90th minute"
A Ronaldo-less Real Madrid is like an extra safe condom - they're still going to shag you but no-one's really going to enjoy it as much.