Saturday, 7 January 2012

Roberto Mancini doesn't have enough money

Roberto Mancini has been trying to annoy every other Premier League manager by moaning about the spending limits imposed on him for this January's transfer window.  Because £40billion just isn't enough for some people.

The Manchester City manager has expressed his concerns over the lack of funds he has to spend and believes his club must buy now to ensure that Manchester United don't catch up towards the end of the season.  It isn't the owners that have imposed the transfer ban so much as the fact that if City don't sell like £400million of players they won't meet the Financial Fair Play regime that stops clubs from cheating.

Despite buying everyone, the club have somehow ended up with only one fit striker and only two holding midfielders for their game with Man Utd today, one of whom is man-of-glass Owen Hargreaves.  If I was the Sheikh I'd probably just buy UEFA so I could change the rules until my team was amazing, and then change them back when I was finished, or build a flume that goes from my bedroom into a swimming pool.  Or buy one of those remote control helicopters and make it follow Rio Ferdinand around everywhere so he thinks he's being stalked.

Money is wasted on these people!