Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Robbie Fowler is Batman

I can't wait for The Dark Knight rises because Christopher Nolan's films are badass and basically I'm just really excited.  Now that's been punched up another notch, because it turns out that Robbie Fowler is the caped crusader in this latest version of Gothem's finest.

Image from Robbie Fowler's Twitter
Perhaps this is actually the 4th of Nolan's bat related films - 'The Dark Knight scores some awesome goals and then fucks off to Thailand'.  Because that's where Robbie Fowler is just now.  Playing football in Thailand.  And those are his kids.  I think.  TBH I'd do whatever Batman tells me to if I met him in the middle of the street.  I'm not sure why he's dressed up in the middle of the day as Batman, but I guess it makes a few of his recent life decisions make a bit more sense.  Or none at all.

Wait.. seriously why is Robbie Fowler dressed up like Batman, whilst in the middle of Thailand?  Why is that a sentence?  Why aren't his kids in fancy dress!?  ARGHHHG