Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Rio Ferdinand's drug kitchen

I can't help but feel this would have made a good video but Rio Ferdinand's restaurant 'Rosso' was investigated by police the other night and they took just the 29 bags of cannabis away.  Just 29.

Police investigated the restaurant after first looking through a 55 year old chef's house and then opened his staff locker, where he had cunningly hidden his illegal stash.  Rio Ferdinand actually had nothing to do with this whole thing and didn't know ANYTHING about the drugs being there, even though the area surrounding that locker must have smelled like a fucking rain forest.  The police cautioned the chef because they thought he might have intended to sell the weed on but just weren't sure, because if he'd had 30 bags it would have been instant jail.  What are the laws on this now?  Are we allowed to have that much weed?  I'm really confused.