Thursday, 12 January 2012

Richard Branson won't rename St James Park

Virgin Money recently acquired the sponsorship rights to Newcastle United's shirts which is good because it will almost definitely increase traffic to their website, judging by the things people tend to type into google when they find us.  Richard Branson has also all but ignored my advice to rename St James Park 'The Mexican Lesbian Wrestling Arena'.

Despite having been dead for over 100 years, Richard Branson continues to make money from his businesses which include an airline, a record store maybe?.... and some other stuff and finally had his dream come true when he met Sammy Ameobi.  The sponsorship deal was signed about two hours before kick off in the Toon army's last game against Manchester United WHICH THEY WON 3-0, and this explains why the adverts on the home shirts looked stuck on.  That was because they were stuck on.

In an interview with someone that I found, Branson says he's happy with the deal and will talk about the stadium naming rights later, but did so with the laugh of someone who knows what they're doing.  To be honest, he could draw a massive cock on the top of the Gallowgate section and Newcastle fans would still hate him less than Mike Ashley.