Thursday, 26 January 2012

Real Madrid think it's impossible to win at the Nou Camp

If there's one thing you can say about Jose Mourinho, it's that he's gracious in defeat.  In absolutely no way would he try and blame a referee or any other external source for losing.  Ever.  Except this time.

The Special One criticised the referee in Real's second leg match in the Copa Del Ray with Barcelona, after his side crashed out 4-3 on aggregate, with 8 of his players being booked.  The manager has come under fire from retarded Real Madrid fans recently, as Jack pointed out in an earlier article, with some of them annoyed that they sit several points clear at the top of the table, for some reason.  The real point of Spanish football is to beat Barcelona, you see.  Mourinho told a post-match conference:
"I heard [some players] say it was impossible to win here."
And when asked if he got his tactics wrong he replied:
"No. We played a good game, the players played a very good game. We came here looking to win. We knew we were behind, we were motivated, wanted to win." 
Gerard Pique did kind of concede out that the referee was pretty woeful in the game but I still think that trying to kick opposition players very hard isn't the best way to beat them.  I think probably the best way to beat them is religion.  If Real Madrid can open up and let the vengeful Christian God into their lives, he will help them win every match against Barcelona for the rest of time.  Unless Barcelona also let God into their lives.... but then how would God choose who to let win?