Monday, 16 January 2012

Ravel Morrison is a little bastard

Ravel Morrison has denied turning down a contract offer from Manchester United amidst strong rumours that Newcastle are set to sign him for £500,000ish.  He's also denied breaking the law in court before.  Hooray!

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Newcastle's team spirit seems to be pretty awesome just now with Hatem Ben Arfa probably the only one likely to get annoyed at you if you don't do everything he wants.  Alan Pardew has gelled the squad together rather well but don't let that fool you, Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias have work to do!  Here is a list of things Ravel Morrison has done:

- thrown his girlfriend's mobile phone through a window
- twice charged with assaulting his girlfriend, who later withdrew the charges
- intimidated someone during a mugging

What a great guy.  His girlfriend sounds like she must be really happy.  He's also trying to hold Manchester United out for a massive contract which Alex Ferguson has declared 'unrealistic' so 'fuck off'.  Did I mention that he's only 18?  When he was born in 1993, I was busy playing the SNES or watching Stingray, where as at a similar age of like 8, this guy was probably drawing pictures of how best to rob his local Spar.  Maybe he's misunderstood or had a tough upbringing, using his highly coveted football skills to work his way to the top.  Or maybe he's a jerk.  I'll let you decide!