Sunday, 15 January 2012

Rangers players racially abused

Strathclyde police arrested a 41 year old man the other day for sending racist twitter messages to two Rangers players because apparently you aren't allowed to do that.  And if it feels like I write that almost every second day right now, it's because I do.  Isn't Jesus supposed to have fixed the world by now?

Maurice Edu and Kyle Bartley were the two players in question and a man from Glasgow gets to spend an extra day in court later this year to answer charges related to using Twitter to be a dick head.  One of the tweets urged Edu to "go back to the jungle where you belong", which has clearly been misconstrued as racist since the accused was almost certainly referring to the jungle of the streets of California where the player was born.  In this spiralling metropolis, Edu was once the keeper of sanity and helped to rid the streets of crime but without him, his homeland is perishing beneath a sea of drugs, prostitution and rioting.

Bartley on the other hand was tweeted: "Hope you crash on the way hame" and then something racist according to reports that I can't find on the internet, which is slightly harder to confuse with the initial positive message in the previous tweet.  It just goes to show what a wonderful world we all live in.