Monday, 23 January 2012

Portsmouth have no money, again.

Portsmouth seem to be perpetually on the brink annihilation but somehow keep going with about five players. Having spent the last few years up shit creek without a paddle, it looks as though a hole has appeared and there is now shit spraying everywhere. What am I talking about? Oh yes, they owe some money and they don't have any.
That twat is probably the most famous thing about Portsmouth Football Club, what a cretin. Anyway, HMRC are after Portsmouth for £1.6m. In footballing terms, that's like owing your mate a fiver. However a fiver becomes a problem when you've maxed out your overdraft and credit card and forgot about all those direct debits. That definitely didn't happen to me today.

Portsmouth are still trying to find somebody to buy them and bail them out but because of locals like the man above, they are struggling to attract any real interest. They will probably be forced into selling some of their players to fend of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. I just looked at their squad to see who they could sell. Kanu is still playing, fucking hell that's amazing. He surely can't last 90 minutes? I think he was the second thing on Noah's Ark.

It wasn't long ago that they were in an FA Cup Final but then something about Mandaric, Redknapp, tax and then we get into that whole grey area that ends up with us getting sued.