Friday, 13 January 2012

Paul Jewell is sexy

Paul Jewell has hit back at claims by people claiming he is sexist, after he told a woman linesman that she should be preparing his dinner, ironing his shirt and refusing to speak in public, or something like that.

image from BBC (c) of PA
In a post match conference, a journalist said "everyone to man thought it was a penalty" and Jewell replied with "To every man, not a woman" and then he nudged the guy sitting next to him and went "eh?  eh?  Nah you don't get it".

It's hard to tell if he was being sexist here because he vehemently denies it on one hand, but on the other it is implying that all the men got the decision right but the silly woman with her little brain got it wrong.  If women want to be treated the same as men they should stop having tits and enslaving us all with their evil mind games.

The case becomes slightly clearer if you dig a little deeper and find this quote:
Although the referee didn't have a good view, the lineswoman, or whatever she's called, had a great view.
"It's a stone-wall penalty and it's a sending-off but he [referee Robert Lewis] didn't give it. You better ask him why he didn't give it, or her why she [Amy Fearn] didn't give it.
Yeh the lineswoman, or 'flag slut' as I like to call her, should probably just be putting her make up on now, waiting for her husband to come home.  Or make me a sandwich.  Seriously I really want a sandwich right now.