Sunday, 8 January 2012

Paolo Di Canio wants his name on a plaque

Paolo Di Canio oversaw Swindon Town's "giant-killing" victory against Wigan this weekend and in no way got over excited about it.  If there was one way to describe his reaction it would be 'quietly pleased'.

"The lads deserve for the club to do something special and put their names on the stadium," said Di Canio, following the result, and I think he's right.  When a League Two side beats a Premier League's reserve team it's almost as though you've won the eurovision song contest - it just doesn't get any better.
"I know that normally you only do this when you win something big and I'm not necessarily saying [to put up] a statue, but even something small like a plaque with all their names because they have done something special. Even if I go on to become a Premier League manager and they go on to become Premier League players, this is to be remembered." (Guardian)
The players celebrated in the traditional Swindon way by sacrificing a human child to the Lord Mayor of the town.  Upon the top of Swindon mountain they set out the boy and chained him to the ceremonial table, using their ocarinas to play the 'song of destiny', summoning the great Mayor from his chamber.  The act that followed next has been described by some as 'majestic', and as 'child abuse' by others, but the important thing to remember is that no matter how many pringles you eat, the last one is never really the last.  You always have about 10 more after that