Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Old man dies at Spurs game

Jermain Defoe has been on Twitter today to lead the tributes for an 81 year old guy who died of a heart attack at White Hart Lane during Spurs' match against WBA.

The elderly gentleman was said to have been watching his first game in years when the tragedy occurred, which tells us something of the man that as soon as his team actually get good he decides to turn up again.  Rumours that Jermain Defoe's silky skills were just too much for his heart to handle are false and actually pretty mean.  Why would you think something like that?  Defoe said:
RIP to Spurs fan that sadly passed away at last night's game. Condolences to all his family
And that should rest his weary soul.  I hope his family didn't just send him along so they got free tickets to the next match or something because that would be awful.  Those heartless bastards!  We should really do something about this.

RIP old dude that died at White Hart Lane.