Saturday, 7 January 2012

Nick Barmby retires. Isn't dead!

Nick Barmby is currently the caretaker boss of Hull and has just announced his retirement from playing.  I honestly thought he was like 70 years old by now.

That's right, you'd forgotten he used to play for England hadn't you?  Well he did.  He even went to a World Cup!  At the age of 37, the former forward/midfielder has decided to concentrate solely on football management and has hung up his boots because shouting at players to 'KICK IT REALLY FAR' is a very challenging task.

I actually have no idea how Hull play football at the moment, it's probably not amazing but that just goes to show how ignorant I am of anything played outside any of the top divisions around Europe.  Is Brazil in Europe?  I think some good stuff happens there sometimes.