Saturday, 21 January 2012

Newcastle City Council refuse to call it 'Sports Direct Arena'

Newcastle City Council are acting like any good council would by refusing to allow a corporate money making scheme to rename their beloved St James Park.  Except it's already been done so they just want people in the media to pretend that it hasn't.

Newcastle's quite a special place because the football ground is right bang in the middle of the city.  Although when I think about it that's sort of like all the London clubs.  Hmmm.  Anyway, locals are so perturbed by the renaming of St James Park that they are appealing to media outlets to ignore it and everyone has pretty much said "no, because its name is now the Sports Direct Arena, similarly it is not 1983 anymore and we don't ride horses through the streets".

That name is truly awful.  Whenever I think of the phrase 'Sports Direct' I think of all the ugly children that will be produced by the people that work there and how I'm not sure if asking a question will help me locate the item of my desire, or result in me being stabbed.