Thursday, 5 January 2012

new 50p upsetting referees

A new 50p was launched in honour of the Olympics explaining the offside rule. Football isn't really held in the highest regard as an Olympic sport but then again who wants to see weightlifting on a coin? Unless it's somebody straining so hard they piss themselves. That I would like to see on a coin. Of course all us football people knew that the explanation isn't actually accurate. You silly coin makers you.


You see the little triangle that's "offside" is only offside if he/she/it becomes involved in active play by,
"interfering with play, or interfering with an opponent, or by gaining an advantage by being in that position"
Refereeing "experts" have got their panties in a twist and believe that this is going to cause further confusion and lead to fights on school playing fields and riots on the streets. I am already so angry about this that I drop kicked a piglet. It's going to put us back into last century supposedly. That actually sounds OK with me, I don't really like this one that much. A 50p that sends you back in time sounds easier but not as much fun as building a flux capacitor and traveling around in a DeLorian with the Doc. Apart from that weird moment when you go back in time and meet your Mum and she's hot and wants to bang you. In fact, I'll just stay here.

The Royal Mint defended the coin saying it was designed intentionally to cause debate and discussion. Probably between two boozed up bell-ends called Baz and Gaz down at their local boozer, who's conversation is evenly divided up between tits, cars and football.

There are currently around 500,000 of these going out and if your first thought upon recieving one is, "oh these buffoons have got this completely wrong!", then you need to go and have a long hard look in the mirror and probably punch yourself right in the eye.