Thursday, 19 January 2012

Neil Warnock "slowly poisoned"

Unfortunately Neil Warnock has not been poisoned and is very much alive and kicking. And pissed off.

It was his reputation that was "poisoned". Warnock reckons he would probably have won the league and the World Cup with QPR by now, if it wasn't for critics from the press and within the club itself. He bangs on about a lack of footballing experience in the hierarchy at the club and honestly believes he pulled of a footballing miracle by doing as well as he did under the circumstances he worked under.

Indeed, what a miracle it was he performed. Achieving promotion with easily the richest and most talented squad in the Championship. How did you do it Neil? Please teach us your wisdom! You must be a most powerful sorcerer with such tricks.

Warnock is all pissed off with everyone and everything. Twitter, puppies, agents, Tony Fernandes, Joey Barton, Stephen Fry, Jesus, Rainbows. Not a fan of technology, he reckons he was the last person to know about his impending doom. He was actually sent a text to let him know of his approaching dismissal. By the time he was actually officially sacked, we were already calling him a twat on Twitter and making up rumours about who was to take over as QPR's next manager. Turns out it wasn't Phillip Schofield as I predicted.