Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mourinho doesn't care and will probably quit anyway

Jose Mourinho has come under-fire from Real Madrid fans. Not literally of course, that probably would have made the news. Groups of them have turned on Jose, critical of his defensive tactics and resounding shitness against Barcelona. According to one terrible paper, he's going to quit this summer anyway.

Real Madrid are top of the league but much like the SPL, it's not about winning the league, it's about beating them. By them, I mean Barcelona of course and Jose is not very good at beating Barcelona. They have tried playing football, they have tried defending, they have tried physical violence and nothing seems to work.

Fans actually booed Mourinho at the weekend, despite a 4-1 victory. No surprise there, Real fans are spoiled retards who don't deserve a handsome man like Jose at their club. Spanish wank rag Marca have printed a story about a fall-out between Sergio Ramos, Iker Casillas and Mourinho. I am probably making this up but to summarise, Jose said that Sergio Ramos is shit at defending to which he reacted with "but you never even played professionally, so you know fuck all". Mourinho then mentioned something about the Spanish press protecting their players before Casillas said "say it to my face!", whilst he pretended to be really mad with clenched fists.

Of course it has all been played down by the club but it hasn't stopped many papers going all sensationalist on our asses: "Mourinho drop-kicks Ramos, tombstones Casillas and then quits the club with the Intercontinental Championship Belt". Madrid will probably win the league but Barcelona are still the better club. Real fans just need to accept that no money in the world will help them conquer this current Barcelona team. Who cares anyway, I hate them both. El Classico is like watching a WWE match. Lots of muscle-clad, greasy men pretending to be hurt, with added terrible acting and bad hair cuts. They are still missing the spandex outfits but there's still plenty of time for that.  But not in my dreams.