Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Michael Owen wants to be a manager

Nobody's favourite substitute, Michael Owen, is lining up a career in management after his playing days are over.  Either that or he takes FIFA Career Mode really seriously.

Do you remember those days when Pro Evo was the best thing ever?  I'm talking about Pro Evo 4 where you could ping a ball from 30 yards, dribble past a million people and not need to worry about what time of day it is, because University don't expect you to go to aaaaall the classes.  Michael Owen sort of still lives in that time because when he's not injured he's earning his UEFA coaching badges.  From Twitter:
Final assessment tonight for my Level 3 coaching badge. I'm coaching our U14's at the academy. Fingers crossed.
I'd like to think that Owen has gathered quite a lot of management knowhow from his various employers and should be well equipped to deal with anyone that lacks real football passion, by referring to excerpts from his own diary.  Like Owen says, "playing a bit part for a title challenging team is much better than starting every week for someone poor like Everton or Bolton.  They probably don't even have servants", he said, before sending a ball boy down the shops to buy him a Subway.  "I asked for fucking southwest sauce you despicable cunt" he yells at the young lad, who in turn cries, but secretly that's what Michael Owen wanted all along.  To feed on your tears.  I'm on to you, Owen.