Thursday, 26 January 2012

Michael Ball hates gays

Former Rangers and now ex-Leicester left back Michael Ball, has been fined £6000 by the FA for sending a homophobic tweet to someone on Coronation Street.  It's 2012 now people!  COME ON!

This guy was actually quite a highly regarded talent in his early years but managed to never fulfil it, and now he's deliciously unemployed.  Leciester cancelled his contract under the pretence of 'mutual consent' because giving the reason 'he's a dick' isn't legal apparently.  The offending tweet was sent to Anthony Cotton, who is an "actor" on Coronation Street, and it said:
That fucking queer. Get back to your sewing machine in Corrie you moaning bastard
I only know who this 'Cotton' guy is because I assumed it must be the very camp one on Coronation Street, and so I googled that and I was right.  Ironically the real bender in this story is Michael Ball because he gets so annoyed by Coronation Street or 'Im a Celebrity' that he felt it necessary to vent his anti-gay venom into internet land.  It's always the ones who hate homosexuals that secretly are, so I think this is actually really brave of Michael Ball to come out right now.  If only more players would take this kind of stance perhaps the entire world could just learn to accept each other.  *applause*