Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Micah Richards loves Shrek lol!

Micah Richards is one of the most respected defenders in the Premier League at the moment and a key factor in controlling your opposition is instilling an illusion of fear within them.  Which is why he posted this on Twitter:

Micah has shown us another feather to his philanthropic bow with this glowing review of animated classic, Shrek.  In his essay, Richards takes us on a journey exploring the various themes of love, acceptance and companionship within the movie, stopping only to point out some of the delicious nuances within the narrative.
"Donkey from shrek is the funniest animations character eva!"
In this particular extract from Richard's article, he plays with language to evoke that of a child - the movie's main demographic.  Indeed, Donkey may just be one of the funniest animated characters of our time but to truly understand why, you'll need to read more in my essay, entitled: "annoying, smug graduate makes fun of millionaire footballer but realises the futility of this when trying to purchase something with 'correct spelling and grammar' because that doesn't work in shops when you are trying to buy things.  Also girls think you are a dick".  It's a riveting read.