Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mark McGhee is the new Bristol Rovers manager

Mark McGhee is a self-centred cunt who blames everyone but himself for anything that goes wrong in his football management my opinion.  Now he has a new job at Bristol Rovers.  Hooray.

McGhee has been out of work since being fired by Aberdeen in 2010, and says he is nervous about the new challenge ahead of him.  He told the BBC:
"I'm quite nervous but I hope the nerves show that I'm not complacent and thinking that it's going to be easy,"
He sounds so nice and down to earth there, maybe he really has changed his ways.  The Bristol chairman even said this:
"Mark sold himself very well. He's not coming here for a stepping stone to get back into his career, he wants to come here and re-build the club. We've reached a low ebb and we need to move forward." 
There's more chance of McGhee winning the champions league with Bristol than there is that he isn't using this as a stepping stone.  The minute he hears a bigger club mentioning his name, he'll sprint out of the shower to their chairman's office and give his salesman's pitch for the position, before offering his terms of the potential contract.  The chairman's first negotiation will be that McGhee puts on a towel.