Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Mark Hughes 'agrees' to be QPR manager

Welsh superstar Mark Hughes has agreed to the new QPR manager as long as they give him loads of money to buy players.  I, for one, really hope he signs Yakubu because Neil Warnock would explode into a bunch of fireworks and I like fireworks.

photo of mark hughes
Tony Fernandes told a gathered press conference - or Twitter, as it's more commonly known these days - that they expect to announce the club's new manager's identity today and then really take giant steps towards winning the African Cup of Nations.  And if they don't win that, avoiding relegation is the real first step to success.

If QPR give Hughes £30million to spend he'll take the job on and I honestly don't even know who he could sign if he wanted.  The rumours suggest Darren Bent and Didier Drogba because those guys have absolutely no ambition apparently, but I think the real target should be an untried hero, or maybe just a hero that no-one really thinks about and has no discernible powers.  And he should hang out with a whole bunch of teenagers and have a skin condition.

What did Captain Planet even do?