Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mario Balotelli wants to be like Tim Westwood :terrified:

Despite my best efforts, Tim Westwood is still alive and dropping bombs all over the old folk's home that he should probably live in by now.  Mario Balotelli paid a trip to meet him to get some DJ lessons and drop off some Werther's originals.  Because he's really old, incase you didn't get that.

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The pair spent some time together at an event for that new portable Playstation thing in Manchester and Balotelli asked him questions about DJing and how long he's been a ghost for, and the Metro have decided that now he's going to get DJ lessons.

I'm pretty sure they just made this whole thing up and that they got told that both these guys were there and then just invented their conversation.  Which is odd, because I also heard that after talking about DJing, Balotelli started talking about horses and how it has always been his lifetime ambition to be one.  Westwood was like "no way, son!" and then he actually turned into a horse, started playing 'All Night Long' by Lionel Ritchie, and they then did indeed dance all night long, eventually ending the evening by making passionate love on the floor of the club.  I wasn't there or anything but that definitely happened.