Friday, 13 January 2012

Mario Balotelli visits school, uses toilet

Manchester City celebrity Mario Balotelli owns Manchester so when he needed to use a bathroom he decided that he would use that one he has in a sixth form college somewhere in the city centre.

According to reports in the Manchester Evening News (not Twitter) the Italian striker parked his Bentley outside Xaverian College on Thursday lunchtime, walked inside and asked where the toilets were and then just wandered into the staff room to have a chat.  Some student kid said this:
"After that he was just walking round campus like he owned the place and everyone was following him around.
"I'm a City fan so it was amazing to see him but it was a bit ridiculous for him to come here - you would never expect it to happen."
So Balotelli just hung out at a school for no reason other than that he needed to pee?  How come when he does it everyone's all 'ha ha!  what a fun guy' but when I do it it's all 'phone the police! phone the police!'.  Urinal/class-room - same thing.  I can still hear their screams.